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 The UGE-4K

Elegance Meets Cutting Edge!

With Urban Green Energy’s 4kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, you can make your own energy choice and ensure your home or business’s power is provided by a 100% clean, renewable energy source.  The UGE-4K is one of the largest turbines Urban Green Energy makes, rated 4 times as powerful as the eddyGT turbine.  Quieter than a human whisper, the UGE-4k can be installed on a tower, a roof, or just about anywhere!

Save Money, Use the Wind

The UGE-4K will lower the amount of energy you purchase from the grid and provide energy security ensuring that when the power is out, you have electricity for the most important devices in your home.  The UGE-4K is also compatible with solar panel systems so that clean energy can be generated day and night.  Our hybrid controller allows the customer to input both wind power and solar power into the same electronics.

Dual-Axis Technology

Urban Green Energy has developed and patented a revolutionary new dual axis design that eliminates the main concern of other vertical axis wind turbines, that of premature bearing failure.  Through this technology, our turbines significantly outperform the competition by spreading both horizontal and vertical forces along the length of the axis.  For you this means increased durability and power production along with lower vibration and resistance.

Seen, Not Heard

We believe a wind turbine should be seen but not heard.  Fortunately, UGE wind turbines are so quiet, you won’t even know they’re spinning!  Thanks to the turbines’ low RPM and industry-leading design, they are virtually silent, even during high wind speeds, and cannot be heard over a typical AC unit.  The low RPM and helical design leads to very low-vibration turbines which can be mounted with ease in imaginative locations.

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