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Toilet TummyToilet Tummy

Retail Price: $6.99  (Save up to 30%)

Our Price: $4.99

Toilet Tummy
Start saving water & tame your toilet with a Toilet Tummy Bag. Water saving product that’s effective, low in cost, maintenance free and user friendly. Invented 20 years ago, millions have been sold and remain in successful operation saving water every day. The Toilet Tummy™ is the least complex and easiest to use toilet tank water saving product; just fill with water and hang on the inside of the toilet tank wall then forget about it… Saves an approximate 2 to 3 Liters of water per flush depending upon whether one or two are used. The Toilet Tummy™ is lightweight, and never needs maintenance. With the average person flushing a minimum of six times a day the Toilet Tummy’s™ water savings.
  • Water Saving Toilet Tummy
  • Water Saving Hippo Bag
  • Water Saving Toilet Tank
  • Water Saving Save a flush
Toilet Tummy is a water displacement device helps in lowering down the amount of water you use for your toilet. The Toilet Tummy displaces 80 ounces of water per flush.The Toilet Tummy is a durable device that you fill with water and hang on the inside of your toilet tank. It takes only seconds to install. The Toilet Tummy Displaces 3 liters of water in your toilet tank: saving water, energy, and money with each flush. Profits from sales of the toilet tummy support NVOC's community water and sanitation projects in Africa and Asia.

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Retail Price: $6.99  (Save up to 30%)

Our Price: $4.99

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